Book and webdesign by Maud

This is a book of portraits but to gain a true sense of the Khampas it is important to show the land that shapes them.

Throughout history the Khampas have been living in harmony with the extreme forces of nature on the roof of the world with all its beauty and power, their very being inseparable from the land and from the spirits and deities that reside in the land, rivers and mountains.

The Tibetans deeply respect the land and see themselves as part of it, not separate from it. They are always careful not to put the land out of its natural cycle by causing disturbance to its fine balance, both on a spiritual as well as a physical level.

Khampa, portraits from Eastern Tibet
Tim Roodenrys

Foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Introduction by Abu Gaga
Book design by Hampus Jageland and David Park at Maud
108 pages with 47 plates
Foil stamped clothbound hardcover with wrap around
Printed in Italy